As our regular readers know, here at Fortune & Freedom we’ve been banging on about the potential threat to your wealth posed by the probable future introduction of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). We’ve even prepared a substantial report on the topic, available for free here.

If introduced, CBDCs will change the very nature of cash and bank deposits. By extension, this could have a substantial impact on the outlook for interest rates, bonds and stocks. Any typical investment portfolio would be affected in some way.

Rather than stand like deer in the headlights of an emerging and unprecedented threat, investors should be prepared to act. In the above-linked report, I mention several steps that investors could take now to insulate their investments from the potentially highly negative impact of CBDCs.

Below is a recent, wide-ranging interview with Michelle Makori of Kitco News, in which we discuss all of the above. This is one of the longer-format interviews I’ve done in some time. Fortunately, this allows us to do the topic some justice, given its importance.

Naturally, I mention the role that gold and precious metals generally can and should play in a diversified portfolio, and how the introduction of CBDCs would serve to highlight their timeless, store-of-wealth properties. When pressed on the matter, I also defend gold against those who would claim that its traditional safe-haven role has been largely eclipsed by the emergence of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Also, if you’d like to listen in to my colleague Eoin Treacy explain his thoughts on gold investing at present, you can do so by signing up to his forthcoming webinar here. Eoin has been an active gold investor for years and he approaches it from multiple angles.

Until next time,

John Butler
Investment Director, Fortune & Freedom