It’s Rob Marstrand here, investment director at UK Independent Wealth, Fortune & Freedom’s sister publication. I’m taking the reins again from Nick this week, in the regular catch-up with Nigel on what’s happening and how it affects us all. Nick should be back next week.

Boris Johnson has been trying to sweet talk the Saudis into increasing the oil supply, to bring prices down. It doesn’t look like he had much success. Inflationary pressures are still in place, and the government is about to increase the tax burden (even further) on workers and businesses.

In such an environment, a lot of businesses could struggle, including pubs that were already battered by the pandemic lockdowns.

One good piece of news is that unemployment is almost down to pre-pandemic levels. But will wages rise enough to combat the rising cost of living and new taxes?

Find out what Nigel Farage makes of this week’s news, and the news coming in a few months’ time, in this video…

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Rob Marstrand
Investment Director, Southbank Investment Research