If the obvious, unavoidable and inevitable economic implosion of the world because of Brexit is getting you down, I have some good news.

The next industrial revolution is about to occur. And it’ll take place in space.

Davide Sivolella is the author of the book Space Mining and Manufacturing. It’s an introduction to how humans will harness the resources and opportunities of space.

Now you might scoff at the very idea. I used to…

But this is no science fiction novel. Davide is pragmatic and realistic.

Having read the book, I have never been so optimistic about our long-term future. In all sorts of ways that you might not expect when you hear the words “space mining”.

For me, the book is a downright life-changing manifesto, a bit like hearing about the discovery of the New World must’ve been many years ago.

Many people didn’t just learn about the New World, back then. Fortunes were made in all sorts of ways as the world discovered how to make the most of America. And that’s why I think you need to hear about the awesome potential of space too.

But why now?

Because the potential of space has finally been unlocked.

Find out how in this episode of The 12.

But what is The 12?

As you can imagine, the editorial team at Southbank Investment Research do a lot of reading. And we recommend books to each other. Including what to avoid…

I thought it was time we passed this valuable resource on to our many readers of our various newsletters, so you can allocate your reading time a little better too.

But how?

What we came up with is The 12. Each month, we interview an author about a book we think you should consider reading.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom