We receive a lot of emails from readers who are in experiencing difficulty managing their money and who find themselves in different financial positions. They’ve found us because they trust Nigel Farage, but Fortune & Freedom doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head.

Today, with the help of Nigel’s friend Jasmine Birtles from Money Magpie, we’re going to explore some new ideas.

Jasmine’s work fills in the gaps on all sorts of financial questions which are much more specific than we cover in Fortune & Freedom. Ways to save money, make more of it, and of course, our own haunt, how to manage it.

The other twist is that, unlike yours truly, Jasmine is a comedian and therefore actually funny…

To find out more about Money Magpie, check out www.moneymagpie.com.

Whether you want to save money, manage money or make money, and whether you’re a parent, student,  unemployed, over 50, or professional, you can sign up to Jasmine’s newsletter here.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom