• Nigel wouldn’t stop talking about immigration… during the pandemic
  • Immigration is now the number-one political issue
  • What happens next?

The first time I met Nigel Farage, he kept talking about immigration. It was a bit awkward, to be honest. I’m more pro-immigration than Nigel – it’s probably our biggest difference of opinion.

So, I decided to avoid the topic in Fortune & Freedom. I mean, there was a pandemic going on at the time – nobody could travel, let alone migrate…

What happened next was a good reminder why we listen to Nigel, even when he’s talking about something that’s not even on our minds at the time…

Immigration has surged to become the dominant political issue in all of the countries that I follow the news in. Voters are now supporting political parties and leaders they never would’ve considered in the hope that it’ll stem the spiking immigration rates.

For those of us who have seen this sequence of events happen on so many topics and so many times before, from Gordon Brown’s plan to sell Britain’s gold to Brexit to the European exchange rate mechanism to debanking, the question now is: what is Nigel saying will happen next?

Are governments going to get a grip on immigration? Or will voters elect unpredictable up-start political parties and politicians to carry out their demands on immigration… and implement other more concerning policies while they’re at it?

Find out from Nigel Farage in this video…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom