Foreword from Nigel Farage

I’ve been saying it for years, I believe the euro is a doomed currency.

Solidarity is breaking down all across Europe right now, over the vaccine.

In my mind, this sparks the beginning of the end.

And when it does end, I believe it will lead to massive financial ripples. Not only in Europe, but it will reverberate right around the world.

It could have a major impact on you and your wealth.

This is why you need to understand what is going on.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage, Founder, Fortune & Freedom

It’s important that you can take steps to help protect yourself from this impending disaster. And potentially even profit from it, too.

I’ve had my ear to the ground on what’s been unfolding in Europe for over 30 years.

Straight from school, I spent my working life in financial markets. I worked in commodities mostly, but also dealt in many different currencies.

My transition into politics was simple. It came about because of an event that happened one evening in October 1990.

I was working on the London Metal Exchange. A few colleagues and I were in a bar after work, analysing how we had done that day.

And that’s when I heard the news. We had joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism.

We had pegged the sterling against a basket of European currencies.

What amazed me was that everyone thought it was a great idea. The CBI approved it. The CUC approved it. The press approved it. All the political parties approved it. This was going to be marvellous they said – but I thought, “I’m not so sure about this. This is going to be a disaster.”

I could see what was happening. The British establishment was softening us up to join the Euro.

And so, it was this understanding of where we were heading that motivated me to get into politics.

Now, thank goodness, we did not join the euro.

Whilst we didn’t join the euro, most of the continent proceeded with it.

I thought from the early days, it was unlikely to work because it was, effectively, a political project.

I couldn’t see how North and South Europe could live together inside an economic and monetary union. As you know, I’ve been working on a project called Fortune & Freedom which is brought you by Southbank Investment Research – an alternative financial publisher.

They have some top researchers and analysts on their team.

And one of those analysts is my colleague at Fortune & Freedom, Nickolai Hubble. You have him to thank for producing this eye-opening report that you’re reading right now.

His background in financial services started with a scholarship at Goldman Sachs.

He’s seen what the financial services industry is really like. He’s seen disaster unravel from behind the scenes during a financial crisis.

Nickolai was smart enough to escape that corporate world.

Today, he no longer works for the bankers that caused these financial crises. Instead, he now exposes when and how those crises are going to happen.

In this report, Nickolai will reveal the truth about what is happening in Europe right now. He will explain in simple terms, how Europe’s favourite project will cause the next financial crisis.

I know, unless you’re an economist it’s difficult to get your head around some of these issues. But, believe me, there is a massive problem here. And it’s vital you know about it.

Most British investors are completely unaware of it.

Which means they will be completely unprepared if or when it does happen.

If you have money in the markets…

If you own your own home…

If you are building a nest egg for retirement…

Then I think you will find what Nickolai has to share with you very interesting.

The reality is your wealth could be at risk.

Now is the time to take steps to safeguard yourself and your family.

Nigel Farage
Founder, Fortune & Freedom

In this report:

  • Why Europe’s Empire is doomed – politically, economically and financially
  • The warning shot Britain heeded, but the EU did not
  • The Unholy Trinity stalking Europe’s Empire
  • What to do with your money to survive and potentially profit, whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned speculator