Just over a week ago, two of the smartest minds I know had a debate about the survival of the euro. I think that you need to see it now because, for once, it was a fair, balanced, nuanced, wise and illuminating debate. Well done to the Capital.com team for hosting the right guests for the topic: will the euro crash?

The debaters didn’t talk past each other, they didn’t disagree on definitions and they didn’t go after each other as individuals. Instead, we got really intriguing arguments and powerful points backed up by easy-to-understand evidence. It’s what you want to see from a debate between two sides, but never seem to get.

In one corner was Nigel Farage, who needs no introduction. And you won’t be surprised by his views about the euro’s demise. Although you might be by his arguments…

In the other corner, doing a fair and reasoned job of defending the euro, was Daniel Lacalle, whom I have followed and admired for many years, and I suggest you do too, here, even if you disagree about the euro specifically.

As you’ll see, Daniel’s argument in favour of the euro is, at the very least, plausible: most of Europe would be even worse off without it…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom