• The attacks on Israel are part of a broader trend
  • Housing policy is the key political issue of 2024, but the key parties are indistinguishable
  • The EU plans to double its debt… if it can

The attacks on Israel are part of a broader trend that investors cannot afford to ignore. The US is perceived to be losing its grip on geopolitics and ever more rivals are willing to test the global superpower’s willingness to maintain order. Ukraine wasn’t the first and Israel won’t be the last.

The EU is planning to double its debt to almost a trillion euros by 2026, partly to support Ukraine. This comes on top of crippling national debts in the EU’s various member states. But can the continentals really keep coming up with ever more precarious ways to borrow ever more money, or will there be a reckoning?

Meanwhile, when it comes to the most important political issue facing people in the UK (alongside Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other countries), housing has finally become a major political talking point… with Labour and the Conservatives offering a near-identical policy stance.

Who can you trust to get the building done?

Find out from Nigel Farage…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom