• It’s not just Rishi Sunak reversing net zero pledges now
  • The EU gives in to the farmers of Europe
  • Hydrogen won’t save the green dream

The net zero dam has finally broken. It was struggling to hold back Europe’s farmers, German small businesses, unconnected wind and solar farms dotted across the UK’s countryside, unprofitable green energy companies and much of the Third World’s poor.

But they’ve all finally had enough. And the politicians are responding.

Especially across Europe, net zero policies are being delayed, reversed and even abandoned at an ever-increasing pace. Corporate leaders are speaking out about the implausibility of net zero policies and the lies of the past. Even government departments are delaying their net-zero plans.

In this video, Nigel Farage and I review the key policy reversals and analyse what happens next.

We also give a dishonourable mention to the next big green energy boondoggle.

Find out what it is, from Nigel Farage, in this video…

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