Nigel Farage is on holidays this week – and so I brought in the reinforcements to cover the latest news about stock markets and geopolitics. In fact, you have a choice…

Option one is the latest Southbank Live, which is about the flood of cash which hit stock markets this year.

Where has it come from? Why is it gushing into the stock market? And what happens when someone cries “taper” in a crowded stock market?

Option two features a pair of formerly evil bankers. Leaders from within the likes of UBS and Lehman Brothers.

I asked them about the European Banking Authority’s report on just how bad the exodus of bankers fleeing from Brexit really was in the end. And… what happens next for the City.

Find out what the insiders think about Project Fear, the EU’s attempt to steal the City and our future as the world’s financial centre in this video…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom