• A tax cut that increases the tax burden?!
  • De-banking Down Under style
  • Who’s to blame for inflation?

With Nigel Farage digesting all sorts of things in the Australian jungle, it fell to our tech and crypto expert Sam Volkering to explain the madness gripping politics and elections around the world. Or should I call it an outbreak of common sense?

That’s certainly not what you could call the Autumn Statement. In fact, Sam found it difficult to tell the difference between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Black Friday sale spruiker. When it comes to the much-vaunted tax cuts, all is not quite what it seems…

We also pick up Nigel’s mantle to discuss the latest bizarre behaviour of the banksters. You won’t believe what their Australian cousins are up to with their own de-banking scandal…

And if you’ve been wondering whether governments are as responsible for our inflationary outbreak as they were for the pandemic, you’ll find out in this week’s review…

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