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Do you think government lockdown measures have gone too far?

Dear reader,

After some weekend confusion, our poll is up and running at last.

Nigel Farage wants to know what you think about the lockdown. Because we’re writing Fortune & Freedom for you — our self-selecting, free-thinking readers who have signed up to hear from Nigel.

In other words, we don’t trust the big polls. The ones which tell us that people support the lockdown. That seems fishy to me…

Every day we get more news about why the government’s Covid data and analysis is dodgy. And, if you know the data is dodgy and the countries without lockdowns are doing just fine (or no worse than us), then the justification for the lockdown is gone.

The uncertainty of facing a novel virus has receded enough for us to open up. As long as we take care of the vulnerable, the rest of us should be free to go about our lives.

Well, that’s my view. But what about you?

Do you agree with Nigel that the government lockdown measures have gone too far?

Or do you think they haven’t gone far enough? Perhaps we should be like Australia and close borders within the UK, let alone international travel.

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Nigel is happy to have people who disagree with him on board, or course. Hopefully we’ll find some things on which we can have a good old debate. You’ll see, over the coming weeks, there’s no party line at Fortune & Freedom.

But, right now, we need to know what you’re thinking about the lockdown. It’ll shape our coverage, decisively.  There’s no point discussing what you already know and believe is there? We want to tell you something you didn’t know, but need to.

So what’s your take on the lockdown? Vote above.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom