“We are still masters of our fate. Captains of our souls.”

– Winston Churchill, 1941

Who cares more about your money – and your life – than you?

No one.

Then why do we all allow others to have such control of our affairs… including our finances?

How have we backed ourselves into this corner… where so many of us feel powerless when it comes to making a good fist of building up our wealth?

For nearly three decades, I battled for your right to decide about whether you wanted to be in control of your political future, your right to have a choice about your life.

And that is what I am doing in my special online broadcast…

I’ll be showing you how to make a choice…

A simple but important decision:

Whether to leave all of your money in the hands of pension providers, advisers, brokers and the like…

Or take a portion back into your own hands – to be the master of your own fate, when it comes to your investing and finances.

To regain some power, with advice that includes:

  1. How to play the rising gold market – without being stung by the tax man
  2. Details on British stocks that could soar now Brexit is done and dusted
  3. A simple, clever strategy for pulling in ‘rent’ without owning property
  4. Details on three investments to avoid in post Brexit Britain

These insights are part of a wealth-building blueprint devised by an investor I trust, Rob Marstrand.

Rob has spent the last decade helping people look for success on the financial markets. He has helped the wealthy… and he has helped the “man on the street” investor take home some substantial profits.

As chief strategist for one of the world’s best-known “financial entrepreneurs” (a man with three New York Times bestsellers to his name), Rob delivered gains of 37.5%… 59%… and 178%.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

He previously banked a 69% profit (on average) by getting in and out of the recent surge in the price of silver.

Rob has what it takes, I believe… the acumen to help you make some good choices when it comes to your money.

And he knows what works… and what doesn’t. He knows that when you invest your money, you are taking a risk.

Different investments have different risk profiles. That’s why Rob analyses his recommendations inside-out.

His deep research and meticulous approach has really paid off over the years. And he always recommends you follow the simplest but most powerful of rules:

Never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

That’s why I called Rob in to assist me in this movement for ambitious investors here in Britain… together we can offer you a sharp advantage when it comes to your investing life.

Follow the smart money…

So far, over 6,600 British investors have claimed Rob’s wealth-building blueprint.

People like DM:

“It enables you to broaden your horizons and become more confident / educated in the world of investment to use the spare money in the bank lying dormant and depreciating.”

And TD:

“The key is “Independent”, not the self-serving standard output of brokers and investment houses.”

We’ve been sharing videos, with our thoughts on all the big trends.

And we’ve been connecting people with some of the smartest investors around – to get information on everything from gold miners, cryptocurrencies and small UK stocks.

Today you can soon be a part of it, too.

I’ll stick to my strengths – revealing the twists and turns from inside the world of politics and power broking.

Rob will do what he has done for many hundreds of people – share specific investments to buy, when he believes the time is right. Whether you choose to follow is up to you.

There are big changes in the world, unfolding all around us. On the markets that means there will be big winners and big losers.

Rob and I want to help you come out on the right side of it.

Follow our plan, understand our investing blueprint, and I believe you will.

Armed with our blueprint, you have the chance to use these events potentially to your own financial advantage.

As we emerge from this phase of the pandemic… and consider the uncertainty caused by Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine… no-one can say for sure how things will pan out. But we sense that we’re starting to see something of a ‘big squeeze’ on investors and savers playing out:

On the one hand we have a surge in inflation. People are starting to worry about this. And in my view, with good cause. This spike might be a bigger shock than most investors are prepared for.

On the other hand, we still have rock bottom rates. You’re losing money, trying to save it.

This ‘big squeeze’ policy is good for the government, with £2 trillion in debt (and counting) … but bad for you.

That makes now a perfect time to get insights and intelligence on getting your portfolio in-tune for today’s markets.

Rob’s writing and research are direct, concise and straight to the point. No jargon. No spin.

And I value that. Like me, he’s a straight talker.

When I asked him why he left the traditional financial establishment…

Here’s what he said (I think it speaks volumes):

“Along the way, the nature of the investment industry changed. Long gone were the days when relationship bankers gave advice based on a client’s best interests, which was a long-term approach to business. Instead, it was all about selling more products and services now, irrespective of whether they made sense for customers. The industry had become extremely short-term oriented.”– Rob Marstrand

Rob’s experiences from inside the financial machine are his own of course.

I know there are good professionals out there that do have the interests of their clients at heart. No question.

Rob and I simply believe you should be the one the one in control of your money. Making the informed decisions that suit you best.

This final message – from RLF – captures the spirit of what so many people are looking for right now.

“I like many others I assume, have been sitting back for too long and basically just dealing with the cards that the “big boys” deal us and being happy with our lot, unfortunately for someone like myself I may have left it a little too late to actually lift myself out from shade and grab some of the sunshine out there for myself.

I have an ambition that I want to get into the share trading market, I have been looking at this for some time now but always hesitant as I had the thought that this is for the suit wearers of the city with more brains than me.

I have the time to learn and maybe make it work for me, I have done some research on how to start but there is so much advice out there that it is difficult to determine which would be the best platform to sign up to…

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to enter the market and basically manage their own shares but also have access to the expert opinions from others who have more experience and actually understand it?”

This is precisely why I asked Rob to join me for Britain’s Great Wealth Revival.

I am not saying you should shun any personalised advice you are receiving right now. You know your own mind and if you trust your adviser, good.

We want to present something to run along-side what you are doing now to help improve your financial life.

We believe we can add to what you are already getting… and offer you something no one else can.

Very soon, I’ll show you how to start using our wealth blueprint… containing the three critical moves Rob believes you should make with your money right away…

And how you can receive a stream of opportunities, on a regular basis.

Before I go do, I want to ask you something.

Do you really want this choice?

Do you really want to be the one in charge of your own financial affairs?

Think of this broadcast – this whole project – as a Personal Wealth Referendum for those who want financial independence.

The first of its kind in our history.

This is a personal referendum… a private choice you must make, for yourself. For your family. And for your future.

It may not be for everyone.

Some people… even if they are frustrated with their financial lives right now… won’t take this important step.

They will just have to continue to day dream and wonder for years to come “what if I’d done something..?”

Sadly, I believe they may be left behind.

I hope you are different. I sense you are – to have got this far.

But it’s entirely up to you:

Rob and I will show you what’s possible.

You will see details on the opportunities he has researched for you… to help you take strategic positions in what he see as some key investments.

And then you can choose to do something about it.

You will have the chance to put your financial life, at last, back into your own hands.

Let me ask you directly:



You don’t have to wait any longer…

Unlock advance access to my special presentation, Britain’s Great Wealth Revival with the code – BGWR-READY – now.

And take advantage of what we have laid on for you.

Nigel Farage
Founder, Fortune & Freedom