There’s a new word you’re not allowed to say these days.

Political correctness has made it to a new frontier: currency debasement.

It all started with when Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, said “the H word”:

Source: Twitter

A Silicon Valley billionaire openly predicting h****inflation on the world-bending communications platform he founded is remarkable by itself, and well worthy of enquiry.

But what was even more remarkable was some of the responses to it. This was from a prominent columnist, who shall remain unnamed:

Source: Twitter

Even mentioning “the H word” is a threat to society, apparently. To utter it, grossly irresponsible. And for his crimes, Dorsey must be cancelled on the very platform he created…

What a time to be alive.

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Why does Dorsey believe hyperinflation is arriving? And what does it say about inflation if merely mentioning it is becoming politically incorrect?

Kit Winder be joined by our tech investing expert Sam Volkering to discuss this, and the other pressing market topics of the week (my internet is playing up right now, alas, so you’ll have a new host!). Dorsey is a prominent bitcoiner, and Sam believes that this is key to understanding Dorsey’s incendiary remarks.

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Do you dare to say the H word? If so, then tune in at 5!

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