I’m sure you’ve noticed… The price of everything seems to be going up – and going up very, very quickly.

Well, it’s a perfect storm – brought to a head by the pandemic. Governments have printed an awful lot of money. Governments have borrowed vast sums.

There’s huge demand for goods – with supply falling far behind.

That means inflation is back in the financial system for the first time in decades. And back with a bang.

It threatens everyone’s savings – and investments.

It threatens to devalue money itself.

It means you’ve got to start to think for yourself, and find different ways of protecting yourself against inflation.

Because there are things you can do and steps you can take.  Ways of protecting your money – and, potentially prospering too.

One of the simplest steps is to understand which assets inflation hits hardest.

And to start looking at investments that can survive – even prosper – in a landscape like this one.

None of us know what the endgame is here. Inflation can cause havoc in all sorts of ways for savers, investors and retirees.

But, forearmed is forewarned as they say.

So, there are two things I think you should do right away.

  1. READ our free Inflation Survival Guide – it’ll help you understand the dos and donts of investing in an inflationary market.
  2. Watch my presentation to see what Rob Marstrand and I are doing to help UK Investors who want specific recommendations on which stocks to buy and which to avoid. As you will see, Rob has constructed a buy-list of stocks he thinks could do well, even if inflation surges further.

Don’t sit back and watch it eat away at your hard-earned saving and investments.

If you make the effort now, it could really save you some financial headaches down the line.

Here’s what Rob and I are doing to help you get on the right side of it all.

Many thanks,

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Nigel Farage
Founder, Fortune & Freedom

Important Risk Warning

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Small cap shares – Shares recommended may be small company shares. These can be relatively illiquid meaning they are hard to trade and can have a large bid/offer spread. If you need to sell soon after you bought, you might get back less that you paid. This makes them riskier than other investments.

Overseas investments – Some shares may be denominated in a currency other than sterling. The return from these may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations. Any pidends will be taxed at source in the country of issue.

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