You already know that the financial world is deeply perverted. It’s a landscape in which toxic debt can be packaged up – and leveraged. Where ‘money’ can be conjured onto the books of the banks.

And stock prices shoot UP when the economy is going DOWN.

But things just got a lot weirder.

For the first time ever the real yields on so called ‘high yield’ European bonds have turned negative.

Which means investors will be buying assets, with no real returns, effectively losing them money, if inflation persists.

I’m no Marxist – obviously! – but the phrase ‘all that’s solid melts into air’ is a near-perfect description of the increasingly abstract modern financial system.

Solid assets and investments like gold, sound money, bank accounts that reward saving are being sidelined, ushered out.

And for what?

Inflated company prices, meme-cryptos, negative rates.

This is truly an era of through the looking glass investing.

That means you really need your wits about you. A lot of the strategies and investments that have served you well over the years are working against you.

We launched Fortune & Freedom (almost) one year ago for this precise reason. How can a normal person make sense of what’s going on? It’s hard enough for professionals who have worked within the system to get their heads around it.

And that’s why Nigel and Rob Marstrand started their sister publication UK Independent Wealth. It’s a way to not only understand what the hell’s going on… but invest accordingly. Rob has the sort of clear-head that’s valuable right now.

For example, he’s helped his readers lock on to a clever strategy to collect ‘rent’ without owning property.

Of course, past performance is no indicator of future performance. And it’s not the past Rob is concerned with. He is an investor for today’s strange times.

With Nigel by his side, sharing his cutting insights on what’s going on in the corridors of power, UK Independent Wealth is essential reading for anyone who wants to see things as they actually are… and position their money in assets with actual substance.

That means, of course, it won’t be for everyone. There are plenty of people out there that want to chase profits in things that literally do not exist.

If you’re after solid investment ideas and recommendations – watch this to find out exactly what Nigel and Rob are doing for British investors.

Many thanks

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom