222 years ago, this 47-year-old British chemistry teacher discovered something incredible…

Which could help unlock a niche energy industry predicted to be worth up to $11.7 Trillion by 2050, according to Goldman Sachs.

How did he do it?


Source: Wikimedia Commons


During the day he worked as a chemistry and philosophy teacher in a school in London.

But in his spare time, he loved to tinker and invent gadgets.

But it was his discovery on the 2nd May 1800 which should’ve made him one of Britain’s most famous inventors.

A device I call an “atom splitter”.

It can turn a simple material we have all around us, into a fuel 3 times more powerful than oil.

But there was a problem…

He was no Elon Musk and the public didn’t care about “green energy” in 1800.

So the “atom splitter” sat on the shelf for decades…

Being quietly tinkered with by other inventors and scientists, who improved on it till it was finally ready to have its Renaissance.

And now in 2022 it’s one of the most sought-after bits of green tech on the planet.

Companies are throwing up factories left, right and centre and they still can’t keep up with demand.

Yet you’ve probably never heard of “atom splitters” before.

But you will soon…

Goldman Sachs predicts demand could surge 65,000% in the next 8 years.

And receive £278 billion of investment by 2050. 

As “atom splitters” helps kick-start an $11.7 Trillion global energy mega-trend.

Sam Volkering
Editor, Southbank Investment Research